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Just Normlicht hallissa B4 osastolla K70

The trade fair FESPA is well known in the printing industry and is therefore a venue for spotting new trends and products as well as upcoming developments concerning printing and everything around it. A new feature of this years trade show is the “COLOUR LAB”, where visitors can get support and meaningful suggestions for their color management. As customer expectations are rising constantly, companies have to respond to this and therefore optimize their color management.

 A host of different specialists will be there at COLOUR LAB for providing specialized and tailor-made solutions.

Also JUST Normlicht will be on-site in order to present the latest solutions for critical color matching.

It is not only about the constant light quality among the entire lifetime but also about surpassing the requirements for the ISO 3664:2009, what makes the JUST LED technology so special. The mixture of varicolored LEDs, prismatic lenses and the asymmetrical light design are ensuring an extremely homogeneous as well as glare- and reflection-free illumination.

Illuminant types can be switched between D50 and D65, in addition the UV content be switched on and off. The continuous dimming function also allows the application for soft proof.


With its LED technology, JUST defines significant trends for the future of color matching. At present, the LED technology is already used in a wide range of products ranging from smaller desktop devices up to large formats. Convince yourself!

We are looking forward to your visit! Hall 4, booth B4-K70 / COLOUR LAB